The Breakthrough Maze _ Episode 002 – I’m Just Not Tech Savvy

I’m Just Not Tech Savvy

CATEGORY : Leadership


Joe speaks with his guest about her fear of technology. Breaking any cap on business growth potential by embracing the social media selfie trend. Our guest caller goes on to say to Joe “You can do a selfie in the middle of whatever, and I admire that…How can I befriend technology?”

Joe shares his story about his own how he combatted his own fear of social media and helps our guest caller see that she understood technology just fine. What she discovered, with Joe’s help, was that her fear of technology was mislabeled. “When we ask the wrong questions, we get the wrong answer.”

Our guest’s breakthrough came when she committed to making a 60 second video and sharing it on social media. Regardless of the content she committed to getting over her real fear of being vulnerable to judgements.



“When we ask the wrong questions, we get the wrong answer.”

“My vulnerability is my strength”

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