The Breakthrough Maze _ Episode 003 – Eight Figure Coach Learns To Keep His Word

Eight Figure Coach Learns To Keep His Word – Episode 03 – Podcast

CATEGORY : Leadership


Joe invites an 8 figure coach to a call on the breakthrough maze. Our caller tells Joe that he wants to breakthrough his procrastination block. Although Joe covers best practices for making every task on a to do list actionable, no matter how simple a task may seem, our guest caller tells Joe that the very first thing Joe said is what gave him a breakthrough.

Our 8 figure coach admits that like the clients he helps he also runs into blind spots and Joe reminded him that keeping his word is part of the deal if you want to live with integrity. Joe quotes the book the 4 agreements “Be impeccable with your word.” as the number one agreement.


“If we don’t have integrity, we won’t keep our word, and we’ll procrastinate.”

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