The Breakthrough Maze _ Episode 004 – Aligning Company To Reduce Refunds And Increase Profits

Aligning Company To Reduce Refunds And Increase Profits

CATEGORY : Leadership


On this episode of the Breakthrough Maze our guest caller tells Joe opens up to Joe about how vague the roles of his employees are in the company. Joe reassures our guest caller that small businesses have this problem in common.

Joe recommends booking meetings with the whole team and one on one, that are non-transactional to open up communication between his team. Joe points out that these kind of meetings allow for a team to understand what the ultimate goal of the quarter is for our guests company. This becomes the 1st breakthrough preparing his team to secure 5 million in revenue for the year.

Our guest caller’s second breakthrough comes when Joe lays out a strategy to take control of a refund rate that has gotten out of control. Joe invites our guest to coach and trust his team enough to solve this issue for him instead of keeping himself in a hub-and-spoke business model that falls apart if he leaves for vacation. Simply creating accountability by putting the refund rate number upfront where the whole team can see.

“When multiple people are accountable for the same thing, nobody is accountable.”

“Stop solving your employees problems, they’re smarter than you.”


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