The Breakthrough Maze _ Episode 008 – Delegate And Make The Plate Bigger

Delegate And Make The Plate Bigger

CATEGORY : Leadership


In this episode of the Breakthrough Maze our guest caller says the breakthrough she’s looking for is being able to do more. In her own words, “Making the plate bigger.”

Understanding that this is a common roadblock for entrepreneurs and small business owners Joe recounts the story of an event he hosted where one of the guest suggested to anyone wanting to get more done that they needed to learn the art of delegation. Then he recommended to Joe and everyone at the event, a book by Donna Genett, although not well known, effective.

As the conversation develops Joe discovers that our guest caller had never set a specific goal she wanted to achieve and this being a classic case gave Joe all he needed to know about how he can help her overcome this roadblock.

Joe goes on to illustrate how lacking a clear goal makes everything look like a priority which limits productivity.

If You Want It Done Right, You Don’t Have to Do It Yourself!: The Power of Effective Delegation by Donna Genett:

“If you don’t know what more means, how can you ever get to more?”
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