The Breakthrough Maze _ Episode 009 – Being Authentic Online To Create 7 Figures

Being Authentic Online To Create 7 Figures

CATEGORY : Leadership


In this episode of The Breakthrough Maze our guest caller says the breakthrough she’s looking for is getting over the fear of being judged. Understanding this on a personal level Joe immediately helps our guest caller navigate to a breakthrough first by asking her to pick best case scenarios of how to get started in getting out there and becoming active on social media channels to help her business expand.

After some trouble Joe changes his strategy and invites our guest caller to list out a few examples of the worst case scenarios instead, which proves to work and begins to drive forward the breakthrough. At the end of it all she commits to closing one new client by the end of the month.



“For clarity, don’t look for the best thing you could do, look for the worst thing you can do and go from there”

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