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Not the Creative Type? Not Organized?

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As the airplane is circling JFK I am thinking to myself, I can’t wait to get home and see the wife and the kids. Suddenly the pilot announces, sorry to inform you but the airport is closed due to ice on the runway. We are going to turn and go to Dulles airport in Washington DC. My heart sinks, you have a plan and then mother nature decides to get in way. I was not in the mood of this now. I was coming back from a busy business trip in Florida, that was back to back and I didn’t have much sleep. The thought of having to drive or take the train from Washington was just exhausting.

That got me thinking of the time I asked someone why they don’t write. They told me that when they sit in front of a screen or paper to start writing, they feel exhausted. I asked them why, they said because they are just not the creative type. What does that mean? You just don’t have the ability to create? You just don’t have any ideas in your head? No experiences to talk about? No opinions on anything?

They are just not the creative type

Another person told me that they are super creative but they never have time to be creative because they are always busy. I asked them why they didn’t schedule time to be creative and they said they are so creative that they cannot be organized enough to schedule time to be creative.

Limiting Belief: When one is super creative, they cannot be super organized.

That person explained to me that when one is super creative, they cannot be super organized. Made sense to be but at the same time it didn’t feel right.

You have this great skill or talent as some might call it, to be creative. You can’t use it because you are not organize. How is anyone ever creative?

I started researching the concept of organization and creativity. I learned that everyone is creative when motivated and everyone can be organized if they take the time to learn a system and have the desire to put it in place.

Everyone is creative when motivated and everyone can be organized if they take the time to learn a system.

This was very significant for me because I lived my life thinking to myself that something was wrong with me because I had an organizational problem. When in reality I just didn’t have a good system and my belief that I was not an organized person, limited me from seeking and learning the system that I needed.

Those that think they are not the creative type, will not be the creative type and those that think they are not organized, will not be organized.

If you want to be creative, you need to get organized so that your mind is clear from all the things you have to do. So that your mind is free to be creative, so that you can schedule time to be creative. What good is having a creative skill or talent if you cannot use it.

What good is being organized if you free up all your time and have nothing creative to do with your time.

As humans we were born in the image of God and that means we are mini creators. Let’s clear our minds and allow our hearts to passionately create.

How will you express your creativity today? What type of person are you telling yourself that you are?

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Joe Apfelbaum – Ajax Union

PS: After 5 minutes of being frustrated on the plane, I realized that there was nothing I can do to change the situation. I accepted that I will be going to Washington and started brainstorming all the great things I can do down there. The pilot announced that they were clear to land in JFK and I was home within the hour. Now I feel like taking a trip down to DC 🙂

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