Please use your Magic Words!

Please use your Magic Words!

CATEGORY : Self-Improvement

I’m teaching my children to listen to the words they say because our words create our reality.

The other day, my daughter told me, “I can’t find my raincoat.”

I said, “What do you mean you can’t find it? Use your magic words.”

Everything changed when she asked me, “Could you help me find my raincoat?”

I told her to look in the closet and there it was. While she was saying can’t, she couldn’t. But when she used positive words and changed her attitude, her reality changed.

If you want to change your life then you have to change your words.

This is how you’re going to live the life of your dreams: with magic words. Only with magic words can you implement those dreams and make them happen.

Words are the programming of the subconscious. Whatever you say, you breathe into reality. Take a moment and ask yourself, “How do I want to live my life? What do I have to do to make my dreams happen?”

If you keep repeating, “I am not good at running…:” will you even try to run? No. Then how will you ever be a runner? It begins with habitual thoughts. It begins with words.

Magic words also allow us to plan for the future. We have the ability to create the future we want. When we plan for the future, we’re not stuck in the now. We’re not stuck in the past. You need to be able to use your magic words so you can time machine yourself right into your future.

We live our lives one day at a time because we don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Yet we are constantly trying to predict the future anyway, even though it’s impossible to do so.

But if you take a step back, you stop the predictions and start living in the present.
If instead you ask yourself, “What’s next? What can I do that’s different than if I used my default programming? What can I do that’s completely out of the ordinary?”

It’s uncomfortable to be out of the ordinary. And most people don’t like to be uncomfortable. People think it’s dangerous to be uncomfortable.

But do you know what’s dangerous? Thinking it’s dangerous to be uncomfortable. It’s normal to be uncomfortable. It’s important to be uncomfortable. You have to celebrate your discomfort! Why? Because discomfort gets things done.

Your desires aren’t going to be realized by living at your comfort level. No one ever got what they wanted by being comfortable. People get what they want by being out of their comfort zone and doing things they’re scared of. By doing things that are challenging. By accomplishing things everyone else said were impossible.

But when faced with the impossible, you said, “It’s possible.” And you did it. You proved them wrong.

When everyone else said, “No, this is not my job,” you said, “Not only is it my job but it’s my responsibility. “

It’s okay to have a habit of decision but instead of just deciding, choose. That’s the next level. But you can choose. You do have options. If you don’t realize that you have choices then you won’t be able to take your life to the next level. You’ll just be stuck in that vicious cycle of that same old, same old. Remember, what you resist persists.

And until you become aware of where your options came from, you won’t be able to use your magic words. And magic words can change everything.

Joe Apfelbaum is the CEO of the digital marketing agency Ajax Union. He is a public speaker, certified Google Trainer and a published business author. Joe enjoys speaking and writing about a broad range of business topics in his seminars, webinars and articles. Joe is the host of the popular podcasts The Breakthrough Maze, CEO Mojo and the producer of In 2016, Joe was named the King of Kings County for his contribution to the Brooklyn business community. Joe is proud of all his accomplishments, but most of all, he is proud of his foodie wife and his five beautiful, amazing kids.

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