The Breakthrough Maze _ Episode 013 – What Happens When You Say I Don’t Know

What Happens When You Say I Don’t Know

CATEGORY : Leadership


In this episode of The Breakthrough Maze our guest caller is stressed about finances even though she’s a successful business owner because her spouse is deeply stressed by whether or not he’ll keep his job so she asks Joe to help her figure out how to make more money to lighten her spouse’s burden. Joe helps her see that the reason she’s having trouble is because she’s focused on the wrong problem and asking the wrong question. Joe shifts her focus to understanding her husband being stressed is the real issue to work on and in order to ask the right question she has to change her language and to stop saying “I Don’t Know” which enables her block by reinforcing the idea that she isn’t capable of solving her problems. Listen in to hear the golden moment Joe and our guest breakthrough.



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