What would you tell your 20 year old self_

What would you tell your 20 year old self?

CATEGORY : Self-Improvement

At a recent EO board retreat we did an ice breaker at dinner and one of the topics that we discussed was, what advice would you give your 20 year old self.

There were so many great tips that each person gave.

Here are a few ideas we discussed that might get you thinking.

Live in the moment
You might want to keep waiting for that amazing thing to happen in the future that will be the key to your happiness. Learn to love the now! Be in the moment, this might be the last moment you get to experience.

Fear = False evidence appearing real
Most of the things that you fear will never end up happening. Stop worrying about what might go wrong and focus on the positive.

Relationships is the only thing that really matters
It’s the people in our lives that will give us the most satisfaction and the most agony. Learn how to work with people and invest in your relationships.

Do not spend more than you make
It’s not worth getting that shiny object that you cannot afford. The best way to get out of debt is not to get into debt in the first place. Do not spend more than you make. If you want more, work more, learn more, make more.

Don’t live your life to make your parents happy
Your parents know what they know and it’s important to give them what they want but don’t sacrifice your whole life to live their dream.

You don’t need that stuff.

The less stuff you collect in your life, the more at peace you will be. Stop hoarding all those things. Travel light.

Do what you think is fun
Do not do things that others think is fun to be popular. Do what you think is fun and have a great time enjoying life. Remember, you only get to live once and you don’t want to have regrets. Travel, have fun and do what you love while you can.

Failure is the key to success.
Don’t whine when you fail, instead use it as a learning opportunity. Realize that the only way you will get to walk is if you fall. So celebrate the falls and you will be running in no time.


Friends do not just make themselves.
Treat your friends like they were a plant, they need water and sunlight. If you fail to nurture your relationships you will lose them. Don’t complain that you don’t HAVE friends. Make friends if you want friends.

The language you use matters!
Every single word that comes out of your mouth takes control of you. You need to change your words if you want to change your life. Make sure you monitor your words and you will be able create and have anything you want by changing how you speak and how you think.

What would you tell your 20 year old self? I would love to hear your response! Please reply to this email and let me know.