Your Head Will Do Its Own Thing If You Let It

Your Head Will Do Its Own Thing If You Let It

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“What am I missing?” wait who said that? “I know I must be missing something. I just do not feel right.” is that me saying that in my head?

We have voices in our head that ask questions and give opinions about everything. Imagine if you can read a transcript of all the things that are going on in your head each day.

What do you think you would see there? Are you happy with those thoughts? Ideas? Opinions?

Imagine if you knew that you can change those thought bubbles into the thoughts of your liking. Into the ideal thoughts that will create the ideal actions for you to live the life of your dreams.

If you let your head go on auto pilot, Your head will do its own thing and most of the time it’s not pretty because it wants you to survive.

While coaching an entrepreneur recently I asked him about the thoughts in his head and he said they were there to protect him, that it’s important to listen to the thoughts and let them direct him.

That is certainly one way to live your life. You can choose to listen to every thought in your head and follow the advice of your brain.

Will that make you happy? Will that give you the power? It might or it might not.

If you want to have more power and more happiness you need to take control of that opinion creating machine and realize that all the thoughts you have in your head are there to protect you from dying and we are going to die anyway. So why not live a little?

When we are so obsessed with dying we forget to live and in the service of surviving we give up thriving.

What does it look like to thrive? Well if you are inspiring yourself by taking the right actions to maximize your life. You might call that thriving. Or you might consider suffering thriving. It all depends on the programming that was put into your head and by whom? Not by you!

You are not your own programmer, you have been programmed by circumstance.

As human beings, we want to avoid pain and we seek pleasure. It pains me to see people suffer without knowing that they can get out of the suffering. Sure you need to go through pain to be able to grow but do you need to suffer through it? I heard someone once say that pain is not optional but suffering is a choice.

You suffer when you think you should not be feeling this pain, when it’s not fair! When it’s an injustice and life “Should” be different and there is nothing you can do to change. When you are the victim, you suffer.

What if you are the most powerful person on the planet. Can you suffer? What if you had access to everything and anything. Can you ever suffer?

No, you can only have compassion for those who suffer.

How do you take control of your reality? It begins by realizing and becoming conscious to the fact that you can change your thoughts and you can change your words and as a result you can change your actions which will create any reality you dream up.

Now that you know you can change your thoughts, will you change them or will you let your head do its own thing?

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